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Travel teaches you...

Travel teaches you more about you and how you work than you ever learn about them. You learn very little about them, really.

Globalization. Everywhere's the same now. The internetting interknitting of our cultures and our cities and our stories. You can't get lost anymore anywhere. You have GPS on your phone.
Travel shows you how to get totally, utterly, wordlessly lost.

If you're lucky you learn how people are the same everywhere you go. If you're lucky you learn how  people couldn't be more alien.

You return home from your travels. Tired, content, ready for a new adventure. Perhaps then you finally see, I mean really see, where you came from. You see your home. Feel it, even. If you're lucky, and your eyes are open. You start to see people.

You realize that actually you saw very little about where they live. Where they really live.
You wake up in the middle of the night in your own bed and it hits you: I eat rice at every meal, three times a day. I've done this…