True fictions from my last two years at university in Cape Town. I lived in this big old house with some friends. These are accounts of who I was then, what I did, and what I thought about.

1. JRI - When the best thing turns into the worst thing.

First-person, interactive fiction set some time after the Before. The Big Sick has claimed so many. But life goes on, despite.

1. Circumstance

2. Hellpine

The man, the boy, and the flat little girl
While flipping through a particularly creepy children's book I thought what it would be like if I were a father, and my son was looking up at me, holding that book in his little hands...

The Arbiters
 Work-in-progress snippets from a choose-your-own-adventure style gamebook:

Exploration of interiority. Love doesn't trump all. Puzzling out the interplay between her mind and his mind, and the fictions in between.

This piece is part of a series of pieces chronicling my choice to 'be a writer.'

Written in 2011 as part of my English Honours dissertation. Instead of writing another dry academic essay I decided to write a series of creative pieces instead. This piece is the first short story I wrote. It represents my decision to 'be a writer.'
I've left it as is.
To me it's a milestone, marking the start of my journey, and serving as reminder of how far I've come.



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The man, the boy, and the flat little girl.