These musings aim to seed ideas (not seedy ideas). Let them rattle 'round inside, and perhaps you'll find some inspiration, or somehow springboard from one of these ideas into fresh insight of your own.

Take it or leave it, it's salt for thought:

Luck of the draw
Age after age after age, some are born lucky. Some are not.

Travel Teaches You
Some thoughts on what travel teaches you. Also there is a funny picture.

War. Manhood. The cremation of care.

The Path
We each walk a different one. The journey itself is the blessing.

Radio Receiever
The power of the mind, the lies of the senses, and the results of belief.

When misplaced pity leads to corporate revelation.

Cue those ghost noises. The connotations of such a word may very well be misdirection.

The power of words, and of nerds.

The strangest things can flit through the mind right in middle of an unrelated activity. You know, like watching cricket.

Inspired by Aubrey Marcus' poem (which was inspired by Alison Nappi's poem).


I've written some haikus too. There's something about trying to condense meaning into such a short, strict pattern that I find really compelling. Penning these poems is good exercise.

Six word stories:

Sometimes six words really are are all you need to tell a complete story, or to start the projector playing in the theater of the mind. Here are some of mine.



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