Don't get dragged under these endless swamps of knowledge.

Don't drown in the digital ocean.

Remember, data is dead.

Wisdom is where it's at. Wisdom is knowledge used, set in motion. It's doing stuff based on what you've learned.

Now I'm not saying stop learning. Never do that. What I'm saying is don't only be a student of theory, but also spend time in the lab tinkering with shit.

Study, then act. Rinse off the sweat and blood and goo and tears. Repeat.

Make a million mistakes, just don't repeat your mistakes (duh!).

You don't need anyone's permission, but if you do, then here it is – go tweak some knobs and pull some levers. Sneak past the hazard tape. Ignore a few warning labels (the ones that won't (probably won't) kill you).

So, basically, be human. Spin the centrifuge of Fortune. Don't be afraid. Go: live your life.

And pay attention to the word, always:

Live. Your. Life.


Perhaps smoking is sexy because you're signalling I'm gonna have a good time even if it rots the part of my body that lets me breath.

That's how dedicated I am.


 The Platinum Rule states: "Do unto others as if they are you living another life. Because they are."


"Having invented the gods we can turn into them."

Maybe it really is as Terrence McKenna says, that our purpose and our birthright is to actualize – to literalize – our imaginations: "To turn ourselves inside out."

 [ idea credit, Shots of Awe, thanks! ].



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